Why Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay

Granite is a beautiful, durable and versatile material and the countertops made from it are valuable assets in any home. Whether used in bathrooms or in kitchens, here are some of the features that make sure granite countertops are here to stay and not just an ephemeral trend that comes and goes:

White kitchen design in new luxurious home

  • Added value – Denver granite countertops add a touch of elegance and class to the room they are in, making your property easier to sell and allowing you to increase the selling price;
  • Unique components – no two granite slabs are identical, so you can be sure that the countertop you have will not be found in any other home;
  • Durability – properly sealed granite is resistant to heat, moisture, etching and staining, so you are likely to be able to use your granite countertop for decades;
  • Easy maintenance – all you need for cleaning your granite countertop and for preserving its beauty is some mild detergent, water and a soft cloth (anything harsher, such as cleaning products that contain ammonia or bleach can permanently damage the stone) and an occasional resealing with a suitable granite sealer. Both processes are quick – wiping the surface takes only minutes and the re-sealing can also be done in about 10 minutes.