Why Granite Countertops Go Well with Hardwood Floors

Cost effective building materials Denver design galleries confirm that granite is one of the most resistant materials used to make kitchen countertops. In addition to durability, it has a wide range of colors and shades, with accents on black, gray and more. Being a magmatic rock, in its composition there are minerals and quartz; the presence of these elements makes the granite to catch shades of blue, red or yellow, depending on the place from which it was extracted.

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Most models have a pigmented texture, easily recognizable among natural stones. An exception is the Extra Blue granite, which is black with discreet blue spots, but beautifully bright in the light. Also unpigmented is the Juparana Fantastico granite, with a curved linear texture, which can be compared to the section of a glass, filled with layers of sand in different colors.

Because the ratio between those drops that form the chromatic of the granite is quite balanced, granite kitchen countertops offer many possibilities to match the floor.

Most often, however, they go well with hardwood floors. The gray, black and white in the composition of the granite make a perfect pair with the wood, because, by contrast, the two natural materials stand out very well from each other.