Why You Should Buy Cabinets from a Wholesaler

New cabinets are typically expensive and if you redecorate your entire kitchen or bathroom, you will likely have to take a significant sum of money out of your pocket.

One of the ways to make some savings is purchasing from Buy and Build, a discounted building product supplier, offering pricing that can be lower than wholesalers.

wholesale pricing - cut the middleman

Wholesale cabinets are more and more popular these days, because they provide a good balance between quality and price. In other words, they are affordable and purchasing them is a practical and wise decision, especially if you buy in bulk. Buying one cabinet from a retail store for $200 may equal with buying 3-4 cabinets from a wholesaler, so the difference may be significant.

The low price does not automatically translate into lower quality. Wholesalers are buying in bulk from manufacturers and they get significant discounts, which allow them to sell their products for lower prices.

Buying from a wholesaler doesn’t mean that you will have limited options, as some people are tempted to believe; you might actually be surprised to discover the variety of cabinets to choose from.

Another significant advantage is convenience. Wholesalers typically use warehouses where you can find almost anything you need in terms of cabinet hardware; there is no need to spend time visiting other shops.