How to Minimize Stress When Renovating Your Bathroom

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Any remodeling project involves some stress, especially the ones that concern an important space in the home that is used all the time, by everyone in the household, such as the bathroom. Fortunately, there are great ways to reduce that stress – here are some tips:

  • The importance of thorough planning – research and a solid plan are essential for successful and easy remodels. Try not to rush that phase – research material options and design solutions and try to prepare for any unexpected situations and issues that might force you to change your plans;
  • Get the budget right – the larger the renovation project, the more difficult to calculate an accurate budget for it. The best way to reduce financial stress is to prepare the figures that you consider right, then to add around 30% to it, that way, you can be almost sure that your new bathroom will be affordable, too; Take a look at affordable building materials Denver retailers, like Buy and Build, to estimate material costs.
  • Continuous cleaning – bathroom renovation can be very messy and having to put up with clutter everywhere in the house adds even more stress. Try to clean up at the end of each day of remodeling work – that way, you can make sure that your home stays functional throughout the project and that on the last day you will need to do only a little touch-up.


What Permits are Needed for a Kitchen Remodel

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If you are currently planning to start a major kitchen remodeling project, and have purchased building materials in Denver, before you start be prepared that some types of tasks can be performed only based on a permit obtained from the local authorities. Permit requirements may be different for each county, but here are some task types that will most probably need to be authorized first in any state:

  • Altering walls – if your project includes knocking down old walls or building new ones, you will probably need a permit for the job;
  • New doors or windows – the installation of new walls and windows as well as the changing of the size of the openings can be done only based on permits;
  • Electrical work – you will need an electrical permit to perform any altering, installing and repair work that involves the electric wiring and the outlets in the kitchen;
  • Work performed on the plumbing, the ventilation and the gas supply system in the kitchen – if you want to move your sink to a different location, to repair or to modify your air conditioning system or you want to change the place of your gas stove, be prepared that you will need to get the work done based on approved blueprints and you will need a permit.

Ideas for Searching for Discounted Construction Supplies

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Construction projects, whether small or large, are expensive and can cause serious financial strain. One of the best ways to reduce project-related costs is to find building materials that are of the right quality, but come for discounted process or to use materials that are available for free. Here are some tips about how to find the best discounted building materials Denver has:

  • Search for materials on online marketplaces – the digital marketplaces available on social media platforms or classified ads platforms are the best examples. Many people who have completed their construction project offer the materials that they don’t need for great prices or even for free, provided that you can arrange for the transport of the materials;
  • Check the inventories of building reuse stores – most cities and towns have at least one of these stores that offer used items in great condition for very affordable process. If you are lucky, you can even find new items with very favourable price tags;
  • Check out demolition listings – many owners of buildings that are going to get demolished soon open the house before the demolition takes place and allow visitors to take whatever they want from the house, either for a small price or for free.

Where to Look for Home Improvement Supplies if You Are on a Budget

Home renovation is an expensive and exhausting endeavor. Fortunately, home improvement supplies are no longer available only from the nearby hardware, building material and furniture store – you can get what you want from various other sources as well. Here are some:

  • The second-hand market – if you love the excitement of the hunt, browse second-hand markets, you can find some high-quality items for very favorable prices there. There are many stores that specialize in goods salvaged from high-end homes and garage sales are also great;
  • Consider bundled purchases – buying the pieces for a specific room one by one, from different suppliers is the most expensive option. However, choosing to buy all the items that you need in one place will give you a good negotiating position and will help you get a discounted price;

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  • Showroom items – the pieces displayed in showrooms are touched, opened and closed by shop customers and they often suffer minor scratches and dents that lead to their scrapping or to the possibility of getting those items for very low prices; Affordable building materials Denver home improvement suppliers, like Buy and Build, offer exceptional deals on everything you need for kitchen and bath remodel.
  • Check out recycling centers – these not-for-profit businesses also offer great items for low prices, some of them even donate items. The best period to find a wide inventory is during the last months of the year, when fewer people start remodeling projects.

How To Find Fresh Ideas For Your Kitchen Countertops

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The new countertop that you choose for your kitchen is essential for the appearance as well as for the functionality of your kitchen, therefore you need to take your time and consider all the aspects that are important to you before you make the final choice. The best to ensure that your countertop will be comfortable to use, durable and attractive is to consult as many sources of inspiration as you can – here are some to check out:

  • Home remodel shows on TV – these shows are great sources of information not only when it comes to choosing your new countertop, but also when it comes to the installation, the cleaning and the maintenance of the material chosen;
  • Visual discovery platforms online – these social media networks are used by people to share not only articles and images they find interesting, but also pictures of their own, showing their remodelled spaces, recipes, decorations, etc.;
  • Home remodel magazines online or in printed versions – these magazines are also great sources of useful remodel ideas, including kitchen countertop designs and kitchen decoration trends.
  • Visit upscale building materials Denver showrooms to get an idea of the different natural stone materials available and relative costs.

You can use all the above resources to find put about how to maintain your new countertop, so consult those sections to make sure your new countertop is ideal in terms of maintenance needs as well.

Why Should You Consider Different Styles of Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen?

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors, considering different options can be a great idea especially if you want to think outside the box and make sure that your cabinets look unique and stylish, as well as retaining their durability and resilience.

One of the reasons why you might want to consider two or more designs and building materials for your kitchen cabinets is that not all of them are durable enough to withstand the smoke and steam coming from your household appliances while you cook. In the long run, wooden items can become discolored and sustain water damage, which will mean that you have to replace them. As a result, you could consider PVC or metal cabinet doors close to your oven and stove, while using wood or other fashionable yet less resilient materials in areas that are farther away. You can look at building materials in Denver design stores to determine the best look for your home.

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Another good reason for choosing different cabinet doors is to create a unique look for your kitchen. Slightly different colors or designs can draw attention and create a contrast that will make your kitchen look more sophisticated and cheerful at the same time. Also, you’ll find that your creative freedom will know no bounds, and that you can also balance your budget quite well in this way.

Short Remodels to Complete over Memorial Day Weekend

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Spring is the perfect season to make some changes when it comes to the interior design. They do not have to be major, but you can consider some short remodels that you can complete over the Memorial Day weekend.

First of all, buy spring flowers and decorate the house with them. If you are passionate about DIY projects, you may want to also decorate a few flower pots according to the season outside. They will look amazing anywhere you put them. Flowers will animate the rooms, and spring means, after all, color, freshness and fantastic perfumes. How to infuse your home with spring better than with flowers? Maybe you want to build some flower window boxes? Flower filled window boxes improve your home curb appeal and also are beautiful to look at from the inside as well. Your local building materials Denver store will have all the supplies you need to complete these easy DIY projects.

In tune with them, maybe you should think about other decorations too. Thus, a few decorative pillows wrapped in lightweight covers will make your soft look great, releasing it from the cold winter atmosphere when it was surely covered with thick blankets. In the bedrooms, the linens are also welcome. Organic textures are perfect for spring decorations!

When it comes to colors, choose seasonal tones such as pink, green, pistachio, blue or lilac. Do not be afraid of floral prints, wicker baskets, or rattan furniture placed on your deck.


Unique Toilet Designs for Your Bathroom

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The toilet is among the most underestimated fixtures in the bathroom, yet it plays not only a functional, but also an aesthetic role. The design of the toilet, its shape, its color, the way it is fixed on the wall or on the floor are all important for creating a harmonious look or making a strong style statement with your bathroom, so here some unique design tips for you:

  • Colorful toilets – toilets nowadays come not only in white, but in a variety of colors, pastel, bright and dark hues alike. Many colored units feature unusual designs, such as shaped like a giant pipes or other unusual shapes;
  • Colorful or brightly lit seats – you can refresh the looks of traditional toilets with a colored seat or with a seat made from transparent plastic and fitted with LED strings. The illuminated toilet seats can be set to light up separately from the other lighting fixtures in the bathroom, that way you will not need to turn on bright lights at night if you wake up just to go to the toilet;
  • A sustainable toilet – toilets that use the water coming from a small wash basin above the reservoir are becoming quickly popular. The water that you use for washing your hands goes into the toilet’s reservoir and is used for the flushing, thus reducing your household’s water consumption.

You can look for toilet fixture options at building materials Denver retailers.

Keeping Your Kids Happy During a Home Remodel

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A home remodeling process is complex and disruptive for you and your family. Keeping your kids happy during this period (that can take weeks!) may not be easy, but it is entirely possible.

If you are stressed out every day, during your home remodel, and your kids have problems sleeping through the night and manifest disruptive behavior, it is a sign that you are doing something wrong. The first thing you may have to consider is to keep your kids sane and happy by keeping yourself sane and happy. Do not neglect your self-care, because if you are anxious and exhausted all the time, this will reflect on your children and right back at you. You can have a great new home without losing yourself, if you do your best to maintain a sense of normalcy.

Take care of your daily habits and rely on routine and structure. It is important to keep having breakfast, lunch and dinner together, at the normal times of the day, even if it happens in another room. Kids must have their space where they can sit down and do their homework, relax and deal with their hobbies. Cuddle and play with them when you have the chance; do not ignore them, even if you are busy.

You can also involve your children in the remodeling process. Take them with you to an established building materials Denver retailer, and have them pick out their favorite finishes for the remodeling project. It is not about exploiting them and handing them tasks to ease your own work, but you can allow them pick the paint and some materials for their rooms. It will be fun for them and this way you will make them connected with the home remodeling process.